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Just another league? There are many leagues available now and most are pretty similar in structure. XBTGP is breaking the mold and brings a fresh alternative to how we compete with each other. What is so different? The big differences are... * Seeded Groups instead of traditional divisions and a chance to choose your team * A Regular Season AND a Post Season crowning a Grand Champion - similar to what you would find in the NFL * Combined Constructors Championship from across all groups * Versatile and full lobbies * An exciting qualifying format that will be as fun as the main race itself * A league produced from over 13 years of eSports experience and supported by the UeLA (Unified eSports League Association) * NO EARLY READY UPS No Divisions? Once joining XBTGP   via our Discord Server, drivers will be invited to submit their best time trial times for Monaco, Silverstone and USA. The driver with the lowest combined time trial times, will be the #1 seed in XBTGP. The next 19 quickest  drivers will make up the remaining seeds for the groups. Traditionally, the top 20 drivers would make the 1st division, often leading to half of that division being too quick to be demoted to division 2 in the following season, but not competitive enough to challenge for podiums in division 1, but not in XBTGP! Drivers will be placed into 4 equal groups.  Group A will contain seeds 1,5,9,13 & 17. Group B will contain seeds 2,6,10,14 & 18. Group C will contain seeds 3,7,11,15 & 19 and finally, Group D will contain seeds 4,8,12,16 & 20. The rest of the server will be drafted to the various Groups in equal measure by random. What's the difference between a Regular & Post Season? The Regular Season will consist of 10 races from across the world, scoring championship points to be crowned a Group Champion - a traditional format for all the purists. The Post Season will  then start - The Grand Final of XBTGP. Drivers will qualify for the post season by finishing in the top 4 of their respective groups, and advance straight to the Grand Final in week 2 of the post season. But week 1 will be the Wild Card Event - A last chance for those that placed 5th to 9th within their Group in the Regular Season, to make it through to The Grand Final and their chance to shine , as the race will be streamed live on Twitch with Commentary. The Top 4  from the Wild Card Event  will advance and get their chance in the Final. Fed up of racing in empty lobbies? If you are currently in another league where only 10 people in total have turned up to race in that division, you are only going to be racing against 9 other people, not great is it? One of the many advantages about racing in equal groups and not divisions, is the opportunity to merge groups so they can race together in a much fuller lobby, i.e. if 10 turned up in Group A, and 10 turned up in Group B, the two Groups would merge for the race so there is a full lobby to compete against, making a much more interesting race to be part of and a better spectacle for your Twitch viewers. This versatility would also allow you to race against different drivers potentially each week, as well as your core players from your group. The points you score from the race will go to your Championship score within your Group. Dynamic Qualifying & no more early readying up? Traditionally, the fastest driver will go out and qualify on Pole, like they do every week  - dull for them, frustrating for you. Not anymore! Qualifying will be contested over a 5 lap race, in reverse group championship order -    The position you finish the sprint race in will  determine the position you start the main, 50% race. If you DNF in the sprint race, you will start behind the last finishing driver for the main race. Much the same as in current qualifying within F1, you must start the main race on the same compound of tyres you qualified on, unless you are starting P11 or higher, then you would have free tyre choice, or the weather changes. Some of the other potential benefits is for driver development. A lot of new drivers would not normally be leading the field away from pole position, so this will give them much needed experience for once they improve, as well as developing their defensive driving. The format also ensures what we all love to see - overtaking!! Races in XBTGP are guaranteed not to be a Sunday afternoon procession. After the sprint race, all drivers will return to the lobby whilst the custom grid is formed, based on the result. This will give you the chance to have an uninterrupted comfort break -  not spoiled by that one person pressing A and readying up whilst on the grid and forcing countless restarts  .